6 Things To Do In Brisbane On A Saturday Night When You're Sick Of Drinking

6 Things To Do In Brisbane On A Saturday Night When You're Sick Of Drinking

For when you need a break from the Sunday morning hangover.

By Jeremy Steven | 27th March 2018

You've had it. Suffered one too many Sunday hangovers. Spent a few too many dollars in dirty bars you'd rather not have to think of again. When you've got a weekend free, it's easy to fill empty time with a message to the gang calling for "a drink or two" at your local haunt. However, that drink or two often turns into 7 or 8... Don't feel ashamed, we've all been there. And now, you're looking for things to do in Brisbane sans wine. While Brisbane is home to some pretty stellar bars, pubs and breweries, sometimes it's not a bad idea to enjoy a Saturday night without brews. While the Netflix-and-chocolate and couch-coma are popular options for a sober Saturday night, just because you aren't drinking doesn't mean your evening needs to be boring or even a solo one.

We've put together 6 things to do in Brisbane for those Saturday nights when you're keen to get out but also want to simple pleasure of being able to drive yourself home.

Feeling Game?

Bars ain't just for drinking! Netherworld and Holey Moley, the two novelty bars tucked away in the Valley, must be Brisbane's worst kept secrets. But, that's not to say that you can't still appreciate what these watering holes have to offer even if you're not thirsty. One's a putt putt bar, serving up mini golf challenges and novelty thrills, while the other is a retro arcade with all the games you could hope for. They both boast competitive elements, so naturally, they're best enjoyed if you take someone with you that you feel confident you can crush at Daytona. Hot tip #1: The more mates you bring, the better chance you have of beating at least one person. Hot tip #2: If you're the only one going dry, you're probably going to win so offer to shuttlebus your friends home. It won't go unappreciated.

Picnic At The 'Cooth

Soak up the city lights from Brisbane's best lookout: the stunning Mt Coot-tha! It's a classic destination and for plenty of reasons. It's tough to beat chowing down on your UberEats pics atop the mount, particularly when gazing out across the cityscape. Plus, for the next couple of weeks, the 'Cooth is stepping up its game one more notch with the Sunset Cinema. Sunset Cinema is bringing all of this seasons' biggest cinema flicks to their botanical gardens cinema. Whether it's J-Law kicking butt in Red Sparrow or the hilarious Blockers, you're sure to work up an appetite. If dessert is on your mind, the next one might entice you...

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The Late Night Sweet Tooth

Whether it was a fruity ale or a bold red, you've probably enjoyed a tipple recently. But, when was the last time you treated yourself to a proper hot chocolate? You really should indulge in one every once in awhile. You might be simply after a hot brownie drowned in silly amounts of fudge, or maybe after something a little less intense like a sorbet. Regardless, we've all felt the hankering for a bit of the good stuff. Why not make it happen this weekend? Swing my Gelato Messina for a sweet scoop. The way we see it if you do it properly, dessert is a healthier option than a boozy night on the town anyways. And cheaper.

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Bowl A Perfect Game

Does anyone remember that game we used to play as kids when we hurled a heavy round thing at some taller things? Well, as it turns out, that game is actually still pretty fun, and it's the sort of thing that you'll find far more rewarding with a clear head than you would after a couple of bevs. You might even find your ball going where you actually want it to! Spending an evening at Strike Bowling in the Wintergarden with a few good people will definitely end up the highlight of your weekend. Take the hard-earned pennies you would usually drop on drinks and instead treat you and your friends to a round of wings or mocktails. If by this stage the nostalgia is kicking in at fifth gear, then you'll have no option but to cap the night off with a game of laser-tag or by belting out a karaoke session.

Get Behind Your Team

Just about every weekend year-round, we've got some intruding, interstate team threatening to take Brisbane down a notch. There's a constant siege being laid upon our humble River City, and it's quite a spectacle! So much so that thousands of your fellow Brisbanites flock to see the action all for themselves. Lucky for us, Queensland produces some of the best athletes in the country and they've taken it upon themselves to defend our pride.

Headliners include the Brisbane Broncos, the Queensland Reds, the Brisbane Lions, the Brisbane Bandits, the Brisbane Bullets and the Brisbane Roar. The list goes on! Yet, the best news is that it's 2018 and women's professional sport is booming. The AFLW and SuperW are just two examples of Australia getting stuck into some women's pro sports. Not only will you be showing some passion for your hometown, you'll also be witnessing some of the latest and greatest female athletes. Winning.
Plus, getting behind any one of these teams over the course of a season immediately pegs you in the centre of a bunch of new buddies/rabid fan base, and will leave you feeling more connected to our beautiful city than ever before.

Pot Luck Games

Okay, you've caught us. While we did say we would be giving you a bunch of things to do that don't involve a night in, we really don't think this falls into that category. This is borderline full-blown house party! You can even theme it if you're so inclined - Western, tropical, British high-society (perfect for Monopoly night). But seriously, this is simple stuff. Round up the gang, pick a theme and ask friends to bring a dish along. Some careful planning here can also go along way. For example, if Tara is always tardy make sure she brings dessert. And, at the end of the night, if you get a group of good people together, you're going to have a good time no matter the food or board games. Sunday morning hangover be damned.

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Article by Jeremy Steven

A bit of a cinephile, Jeremy owns multiple cinema memberships and can often be spotted enjoying the latest flick. In his spare time he enjoys trying Brisbane’s best restaurants and bars, supporting club rugby matches, finding any excuse to drink craft beer, and, of course, watching more films.