How Brissy's Superstar Sheppard Sisters Pack For Tour

How Brissy's Superstar Sheppard Sisters Pack For Tour

The girls are keepin’ their on-stage style crazy!

By Emmy-Lou McKean | 24th May 2017

On the back of supporting sell-out Justin Bieber stadium shows around the country, Sheppard will take off on a headline tour around Oz before spending July traipsing about the UK with Little Mix.

We were lucky enough to catch Emma and Amy Sheppard before the tour to find out what really goes into planning and packing for three months of crazy on-stage style.

You girls are known for your style on the stage and on the street. Before you go on tour, how do you prepare for the task of packing your suitcases? 
E: OMG, I swear this is the worst part of touring. Trying to pack for a three-month tour is so hard! We normally have two big suitcases for a tour like that, and that way we have one suitcase for everyday clothes and gym gear and then another one for stage outfits and shoes.
A: Packing is an absolute nightmare. When we are touring, we could travel through all seasons and need to be prepared for any scenario. It’s important to pack clothes that are versatile. I like to roll each piece into a tiny ball and then use a vacuum bag to compact it even more. It’s also handy to take the largest possible carry-on so you can fit in even more clothes and shoes.

Do you co-ordinate and share outfits or prefer to keep things separate?
E: We are pretty good with sharing our things. We do like to keep things separate, but if one of us forgets a belt or earrings, we tend to lend each other those items. At the end of the tour, when things get desperate and we get sick of our clothes, that's when we borrow each other's things.
A: We both have our own style, but it is important to look a bit co-ordinated. Usually we try to choose a base colour or the same designer and work around that. Every now and then we will match a pattern, but we never look like we are wearing the same thing.

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When shopping before you go on tour, do you look locally? And if so, what are your go-to spots in Brissy for the latest trends?
E: I actually do a lot of online shopping. My favourite go-to is ASOS but for Brisbane-based shops, I love Verge Girl and White label Noba.
A: We love supporting young designers. We have a good relationship with many local Brisbane designers such as Christie Nicolaides, White Label Noba, Gail Sorronda and Renee Loves Francis.

What do you look for when shopping before tour? Are there any items you can’t live without while travelling?
E: Probably have to say a good pair of jeans and shoes, of course. I can't leave on tour without a pair of Adidas sneakers. They go with everything.
A: Clearly we love bold pieces. Haha. Patterns, colour and embellishments. When we are on tour, we always have a great collection of accessories. It’s amazing how you can change the whole look of the same outfit just by adding belts and earrings.

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How does your onstage style compare with your everyday looks?
E: I like to be very colourful on and off stage but I think we just take it up a notch when we hit the stage. We normally look for sequin pieces that shine on stage and pieces that you wouldn't wear everyday.
A: We are still quite bright and bold in our everyday looks, but being on stage just gives us an excuse to amp it all up.

What is your favourite thing about dressing for your live performances?
E: I love it how it's always different and we get to show off our style on stage. It's pretty cool that we are able to wear pretty crazy out-there things.
A: It’s another creative outlet! There are no rules and we can be as crazy as we want. It’s also something we do together so it feels like we are a little creative duo within the band.

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What is your favourite onstage outfit to date?
E: I would have to say my outfit for our Justin Bieber Brisbane show. A local designer Isabella Jacuzzi custom-made me an amazing crop and pink flared pants.
A: Although it wasn’t worn on stage, one of my favourite outfits was what we wore to the ARIAs in 2015. We got in contact with a designer called Jaime Lee and she organised the craziest outfits we’ve worn to date. Who can forget those dragon boots?

When you get a moment in your tight travel schedules, what is your go-to guide for finding the best spots to shop?
E: We normally will ask around about where the best boutiques are. We don't like to go shopping in the regular shopping malls with stuff that we can normally get in Australia. Instagram is great for sourcing upcoming brands.
A: Ask the locals! We are very much into boutiques and pop-up stores so when we meet someone with similar taste to us, we just ask them the best areas to shop.

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What would be your fave purchase you’ve found while on tour?
E: On the Justin Bieber tour, we stopped off in New Zealand and I loved the shopping there. We found a shop called Ruby and a little bag that I have used every day since.

A: When we visited Mexico, we had the opportunity to visit a local market. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Such beauty and colour! I had been practicing my Spanish and managed to buy the perfect Mexican dress off a sweet old Mexican lady.

What are your favourite place/s in the world to shop?
E: A shopping centre in Singapore called Far East Plaza and also a little coastal town in Costa Brava, Spain.
A: Asia is always a shopper’s dream! We found some absolute gems in Seoul, Korea.

What essentials do you pack in your carry-on luggage?
E: Charger, lip balm and moisturiser.
A: Lip balm, a clear face mask and a warm, comforting jumper.

With your upcoming tour kicking off this week, what trends can we expect to see you girls rocking on stage?
E: Again, lots of sparkle and colour!
A: In true Sheppard style, we will be rocking a lot of colour. I feel our style has definitely matured since we first started but we will never get over the embellishments.

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