The Must-Have Splendour Survival Kit To Get You Through The Weekend

The Must-Have Splendour Survival Kit To Get You Through The Weekend

The fundamental festival needs.

By Sophie Venz | 11th April 2019

The Splendour line-up was dropped last week, with tickets to the three-day festival of fun already being snatched up! If you were lucky enough to score a ticket, you’ll need to get yourself prepared for the sun, mud, and sweat from thousands of strangers. Here’s our must-haves in a survival kit, perfect for any music festival:


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I know the festival is in Winter, but we’re in Australia – this is self-explanatory. Pack a tube for all your mates to steer clear of pain and sunstroke. If you need some sunscreen recommendations, click here.

Foldable Water Bottle

These refillable, compact, pouch-style water bottles can be purchased from different camping stores around town, or Daiso for a super cheap option! Most come with a clip for convenience that you can hook onto your belt, making staying hydrated the easiest job all weekend long.

Cheap Sunglasses

Your sunglasses will be in every single pic, so you’ll want some fashionable shades to show off. However, you’ll also be spending a lot of time in crowds, dancing, and running about – so you don’t want to be sporting anything that costs too much money. Find some cheap-yet-chic sunglasses to take to the festival instead.


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Compact Poncho

Now, again, I know we’re in Australia… but it will rain. Prepare for a lot of it – so pack a compact poncho that can fit in a bag and you can throw on once it starts to drizzle, or tie a legit rain jacket around your waist – it will also keep you warm when the sun goes down!


Rain = mud = difficult terrain. Rain also equals wet clothes, wet shoes, wet socks – basically, everything is wet. Pack some bandaids to cover up the blisters, and for any other small scale first-aid mishaps you may run into.

Small Torch

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But my phone has a torch!” Sure, it does, but you won’t want to drain the battery on it – and you’ll be using it for photos. For a walk to the bathroom or any dimly-lit areas, pack a compact torch to light your way.


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Portable Phone Charger

Now, if you do use your phone too much and it’s starting to get low on battery (trust us, it happens), make sure you have a phone charger handy. The pocket-size portable chargers are fairly cheap, and will make sure you’re always able to contact your friends (or at least try to).

Tissues & Wet Wipes

There’s one thing Splendour promises: you will go to the bathroom and you will not find toilet paper. Pack tissues for these trying times, as well as wet wipes to wipe down your hands, body, and well, everything.

Pain Relief, Berocca, and Hydralyte

It won’t take much room to add a mini first-aid to your bag, but it will make a world of difference. Pack some Panadol or aspirin for any headaches or pains that arise, and then some Berocca and Hydralyte to help combat the hangover.


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Mini Deodorant

You. Will. Stink. Everyone will stink. Everything will stink. To be honest, you won’t even notice, BUT, if you are feeling a little self-conscious, pack a mini deodorant to stay feeling fresh all throughout the day and night.

Small Snacks

Feel like paying $18 for loaded fries for lunch and then another $25 for a midnight burger? Yeah, neither do we. Keep the hunger at bay, (and your bank account happy), by packing a few small snacks to devour throughout the day – and while you’re saving your spot in the mosh. Think muesli bars, dried fruit, nuts and protein balls.

Fashionable Fanny Pack

You’ve got all of these things and nowhere to put them! That’s why the most important survival item of them all is the fashionable fanny pack. Find your style and sport it proudly; this survival kit is going to ensure you have the best festival experience ever! For more things fashion feel free to check out out Splendour 2019 fashion trend edit here.

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Article by Sophie Venz

Soph is a Gold Coast girl born-and-bred, who thinks there’s always a reason to celebrate… or is just always looking for an excuse to drink champagne. If she’s not lost in a daydream or the latest bestseller crime novel, Soph is planning her next overseas adventure. She believes tea is the cure to everything and that cheese is a suitable meal replacement, and will never go a day without consuming a copious amount of them both.