GENERATION ANXIOUS: Why Australian Millennials are Worried About the Future

GENERATION ANXIOUS: Why Australian Millennials are Worried About the Future

They just can’t even.

By Emma Carr | 26th April 2017

A recent global survey has found Australian millennials (those born after 1982 who are currently older than 18) to be among the most stressed and unhappy in the world. How promising.

The 2017 Deloitte Millennial Survey is based on the view of 8000 millennials across 30 countries.

The 300 Australian participants exhibited a general lack of optimism regarding social and economic progress. The survey found that as a specific issue, unemployment continues to worry many millennials.

Also known as Generation Y, millennials are part of the first generation raised with internet. With so much knowledge at their fingertips, they should have it easy, right?

In reality, Australia’s most educated generation is facing the worst job prospects in decades.

From an early age, millennials have been taught that interdependence is weak and individualism is to be celebrated.

This generation has been told to stay in school, go to university, and work hard to secure a satisfying and fulfilling life.

But many 20-somethings are experiencing a rude awakening because there simply aren’t enough jobs to go around.

Wealth continues to grow more concentrated and jobs are becoming increasingly insecure. Many Australian millennials are putting off starting a family because of financial pressures – sacrificing something they hoped for in an attempt to avoid the snowballing fear of going broke.

The Deloitte Millennial Survey also found that only eight per cent of Australians in this age group believe they will be better off than their parents, and only four per cent believe they will be happier.

While the majority of their parents enjoyed unprecedented peace and prosperity, an increasingly tense world is leaving this generation feeling especially bleak about the future.

Generation Y has grown up with Ricky Martin and the Real Housewives. They should be the happiest generation yet. I blame Bieber. And Incredibites getting discontinued.

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Article by Emma Carr


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