FOMO 2020: Deets Announced!

FOMO 2020: Deets Announced!

No, mum. We're going to Brockhampton not Rockhampton.

By Georgie Murray | 7th June 2019

After headlining Listen Out Festival earlier this year, Brockhampton will be back in the B-town (Brisbane, obviously) for FOMO Festival 2020.

With the rest of the line-up yet to be released, it’s set a solid tone of what’s to come with the ‘Merican rap collective confirmed as a key act.

If you’re like me and know their songs but not their story, here’s a bit of Brockducation. The 14-man collective began in California back in 2015 after meeting through a Kanye West forum. Shout-out to Yeezy, ya made magic happen (he’s definitely reading this).

From there, they’ve seen some original members come and go but one thing has maintained: their chill beats and unique flow. The songs 1999 Wildfire and Sweet are their most reputable tunes with over 36 million Spotify streams on Wildfire alone. If their lyrics are any reflection of their success, safe to say the hard work is paying off. Let’s dive into some lyric analysis, shall we: In Wildfire Kevin Abstract mentions his ‘mouth is cold’ and ‘wrist is stuck on froze’. From the outside to non-rap folk you may feel some sympathy for Kev. No-one likes a brain-freeze or having a dodgy wrist, especially when it comes to Seven Eleven unlimited Slurpee Day, let alone the awry wrist on Tennis Tuesdays. But, not to worry – Kev is simply referencing the diamonds in his mouth and on his wrist. They’re so shiny and cold, they’re icy. You following? No-more ‘poor Kev’. Quite the opposite by the sounds of things.


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This year saw their first awards nomination as part of Best International Group at the Brit Music Awards, hopefully one of many to come.

Feel educated? You’re welcome.

For more of an insight into the unique collective, check out their self published doco.

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