Brisbane's Premier Street-Art Destination Is Here!

Brisbane's Premier Street-Art Destination Is Here!

Paint the town, legally.

By Georgie Murray | 4th June 2019

An unusual type of festival has recently transformed the brick and mortar of Brisbane into a cityscape of creativity. Introducing the Brisbane Street Art Festival, a platform providing local and international creatives a canvas of opportunity and collaboration we’re sure Banksy would be proud of. From West End to Toombul, Brisbane revelled in a refreshing cityscape featuring work from artists including Chaboo, Elysha Rei, Sarah Hickey and more. Check-out some key pieces from the Howard Smith Wharves showcase.


If you’ve never heard of Chaboo, now you won’t forget it, offering an interesting mix of Aboriginal art, home décor and graphic design. The brainchild of Roy Fisher and Casey Coolwell, Chaboo uses mural art to unravel stories and location identities. ‘River bend’ was on full display at Howard Smith Wharves adding a touch of magic to the precinct.


Rei, a Japanese-Australian visual artist draws upon her mixed heritage and experiences to create unique artwork. Her pieces range from portraits, patterns, and paper cutting, which have been transformed into large-scale murals and installation commissions. Rei graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2008 and has since created and exhibited work as well as managed cultural spaces across Australia, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand and America. Rei’s work is inspired by the cultural differences in her family lineage and her experiences navigating her background.


Hickey’s series of female idols are inspired by images of women from various contexts, histories and worlds. Her complex layering of imagery and patterns depict beauty, spiritual iconography and femininity. With a long list of awards under her belt, Sarah showcased her bright and invigorating trademark style by live-painting throughout the festival.


Shani Finch, a young female artist from Brisbane specialises in painting, mural work, sign writing, digital posters and most notability, chalk design. Finch’s work is a direct expression of herself –“loud, bright, very honest, realistic and expressive”. Finch started studying fine arts, however, after failing to conform to the standard of the university curriculum, discovered her passion for street art. Using artwork to create a communication pathway covering issues on body image, sexuality, social constructs and equality, Shani has created a unique voice for herself with the tip of a paintbrush (and in most instances, chalk-stick).



Zurik, born in in Colombia is a graffiti artist and graphic designer who started drawing and painting at the age of just nine. She is influenced by the challenge of destruction and interpreting graffiti on the streets. Based in Barcelona, Zurik graced Brisbane during the festival as a key drawcard, showcasing a bright and geometric piece outside one of our favourite Friday haunts, Felons Brewery.


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