9 simple habits of healthy people that make you feel guilty

9 simple habits of healthy people that make you feel guilty

We might mock them for being so restrictive, but we secretly know we should be adopting some of their habits.

By Candice Jackson | 7th January 2016

Healthy people lead lives full of energy and wholesomeness... just ask them. They're always super quick to tell you those superfoods you’re eating are so last season, announcing that they’re vegan when asked about their favourite movie, and using #fitspo and #cleaneating on all of their Instagram posts. Quite frankly, they tend to make us feel a little guilty.

But we have to admit, they do actually have some habits that we could stand to copy when turning over a healthy new leaf. Here are the nine simple habits healthy people adopt that make us look at ourselves with shame.

1. They eat breakfast

While sleeping in and rushing to work on an empty stomach is tempting, those who eat a healthy breakfast have increased energy and attentiveness during the day and have a faster metabolism through the day. If you’re thinking your morning coffee counts as breakfast, sorry folks it doesn’t. It’s actually shown to slow down your metabolism and it can also make you cranky come 3pm.

2. They plan ahead

Admit it: you’re the type of person who eats out for lunch because you don’t bring anything for the work fridge. You’re the type of person who would rather stop at a drive-through than go grocery shopping. Healthy people seem to always plan ahead; they bring delicious-looking (and smelling) lunches to work and have a regular exercise plan around their home-cooked meals. The rest of us hang our heads in shame as we watch them jog past our homes with their green smoothies.

3. Their 3pm snacks put yours to shame

When the afternoon cravings hit, you reach for a chocolate bar, packet of chips or a doughnut. And your co-worker pulls out celery and carrots with a hummus dip or fresh fruit and yoghurt. You end up hiding your snacks in your drawer and suspiciously opening said drawer every two minutes, furtively shoving your guilt-laden goodies in your gob.

4. They shop at the weekly farmers’ markets

While most of us are in bed, probably recovering from a night on the town, our cheery healthy friends are walking the farmers’ markets with a wicker basket in hand, stocking up on fresh produce for the week, and saving money too!

5. They use their activewear for its ACTUAL purpose

Because, get this, they actually enjoy exercise and do it regularly enough that they don’t see the logic in using their gym gear as a fashion statement. Well, unless they stop in for a post-workout acai bowl or green smoothie at their nearest health food café. So smug.

6. They drink lots of water

They drink the recommended eight glasses (or MORE) wit the help of a stylish water bottle they take with them everywhere.

7. They get their nightly beauty sleep

And it shows! Cutting back on Netflix could really do great things for us, but we’d rather have puffy eyes the next day than be out of the loop about the latest series. Spoilers are brutal.

8. They eat in moderation (even the bad stuff)

Healthy people know not to ban their favourite naughty indulgences completely, as it can cause a binge later. Instead, they eat the bad stuff in moderation with their healthy diet. So next time you see them enjoying an ice-cream sandwich, remember that moderation is the key to STAYING fit; but ice-cream sandwiches are definitely not the key to GETTING fit.

9. They take the stairs

If you’re content to wait for an elevator rather than climbing two flights, think “What would my healthy pal do?” Hint: they would take the stairs. They would also run to catch the bus and probably walk that 10 minutes to the corner shop rather than driving there. You see what we’re saying: they don’t take shortcuts and are willing to get moving and stay moving.

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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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