5-Minutes With Adelaide Rockers (& Sisters) Germein

5-Minutes With Adelaide Rockers (& Sisters) Germein

They’ve been called Australia’s answer to Haim.

By Siobhan Taylor | 22nd February 2018

Germein sisters Georgia, Ella and Clara are not your average sisters (and we bet family dinners in their house are anything but normal). Hailing from the beautiful city of Adelaide, the girls are making their mark on Australian music with their own unique brand of indie-pop.

No strangers to big stages, Germein has toured alongside the likes of rock legends Arcade Fire and Catfish & The Bottlemen, as well as pop faves Little Mix. Their fresh sound has been compared to the likes of Haim and Tegan & Sara, with the girls saying “They are both great strong female acts so that’s a good thing to hear from our end, not only musicians but people too. We hope our sound is unique to us as a group, and we want to remain that way—but they are both awesome acts so if we’re being put on the same spectrum as them that’s pretty cool!”

Even with these awesome comparisons, one thing you need to know about these girls is that they are doing their own thing entirely and aren’t afraid of changing things up and experimenting with their sound.

“We’ve been a band professionally for about five or six years now, so our sound, music skills and experience has definitely changed and evolved over time. We’re super grateful for all the past opportunities we’ve had to write, record, and tour our original songs across so many different parts of the world. We wanted our new sound to really capture our live show as much as possible, and so we decided to try recording ‘Talking’ ourselves in our home studio.”

Having toured the world previously, their new single ‘Talking’ is the first taste of their reinvented sound, which takes a step back from pop and explores a more rock sound. With three-part harmonies, a soaring break-out chorus, and statement production, it’s a strong performance that has us excited for what’s next from the girls. Written and performed by the three sisters, they kept things in the family with Georgia Germein herself recording and producing the track with acclaimed producer John Castle (Dean Lewis, Cub Sport, Washington), and pre-production by Stuart Gray.

“It’s been a really empowering process especially for Georgia who wrote, recorded and produced the track. The song itself takes on a bit of a darker theme, with edgy guitar hits, pumping drums and bass, and a soaring break out chorus showcasing our three-part harmonies. There has been a lot more collaboration between the three of us with this new track, and so we couldn’t be more excited to share ‘Talking” with the rest of the world”

We caught up with the girls ahead of their Australian tour for a quick chat about everything from working with your sisters to their go-to karaoke tunes.

5-Minutes With Adelaide Rockers (& Sisters) Germein

Georgia, Clara & Elfie Germein

Describe your style
We’re all a little different but probably in the ball park of vintage rock meets bohemian tomboy!

Go-to karaoke song
Ella: ‘Cruisn’ by Smokey Robinson (or anything Shania Twain!)
Clara: ‘House’ by McClymonts
Georgia: ‘Free Falling” by Tom Petty

What’s a band or musician you’re currently obsessed with?
Too many to say! There are some awesome female acts out there at the moments so it’s cool seeing girls take over the music scene, especially some of the chick bands!

A destination you’re dreaming of touring:
Anywhere where the music is rocking and people are having a good time!

“On Sunday you’ll find me…”
Clara: Practicing the drums, outside with the dogs or watching sports games.
Ella: Outside, chilling at home or painting in my art studio.
Georgia: Recording in the music studio or looking after my rescue roos at home.

What’s your quick-fix for a creative block?
Georgia: Long walk outside in the bush with plenty of fresh air.
Clara: Taking the dogs for a walk at the beach.
Ella: Making a smoothie then lying outside on the lawn with no phone or technology.

Any secret talents?
Ella: Painting and braiding cornrows.
Clara: Woodwork and surfing.
Georgia: Cross-country running and not throwing out soft toys from when I was young.

Beer vs. wine?
We aren’t big wine or beer drinkers as we try to stay pretty fresh on the road but Ella doesn’t mind a Mojito every now and then.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in a band?
Ella: Probably anything creative or with animals.
Clara: Sportsperson or work doing something outdoors.
Georgia: Working in the music industry as a songwriter or producer for other artists, or anything to do with Australian animals.

What’s the best thing about being in a band with your sisters?
Probably being able to be 100% ourselves.

And the big one: what’s next for Germein?
We have a new music video coming soon which we’re soooo excited about, and of course, new music to follow! And a few more exciting tour announcements for 2018—especially overseas!! #staytuned

Australia tour dates:
Saturday, February 24: Ground Up, Toowoomba QLD
Wednesday, February 28: Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD
Wednesday, March 07: Leadbelly, Sydney NSW
Saturday, March 10: Top Of The Ark, Adelaide SA
Saturday, March 17: Smiths Alternative, Canberra ACT
Thursday, March 22: The Toff, Melbourne VIC
Sunday, March 25: The Loft, Warrnambool VIC

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Article by Siobhan Taylor

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