Hold my beer, The Rusty Nail is back

Hold my beer, The Rusty Nail is back

Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker

By Sharon Doyle | 9th June 2017

If cocktails had personalities, the Rusty Nail would be a Don Draper. Seductively smooth and apt to put a glow in your cheeks.

Would you still like yourself in the morning? Well, in both cases, that’s up to you #wink.

Drambuie, the makers of the active ingredient in a Rusty Nail, are playing on that whole vibe of the Mad Men era that spawned dapper Don to promote their whisky liqueur.

And the Regatta Hotel at Toowong is only too happy to help nudge the cocktail on to bar menus.

The Walrus Club downstairs at The Regatta is hosting A Night With The Nail, accompanied by live jazz every Friday night in June. That’ll put a healthy glow in your cheeks.


The classic Rusty Nail is one part Drambuie – a honeyed whisky liqueur – two parts whisky and a twist of lemon over ice.

The Sixties are responsible for a lot of things, including Rusty Nails and the rise of the advertising industry. It was the decade society loosened its tie.

Rusty Nails are synonymous with the heady, smoky New York bars of the 1960s, late-night carousing and shenanigans in general. Think Frank Sinatra and his Hollywood Rat Pack, the tragic Marilyn Monroe and her ill-fated presidential lover John F. Kennedy.

How the drink got its name is lost to the ages. Perhaps it was its rust-coloured tinge.

Or perhaps the rumour is true that salty Scottish bartenders – new to New York and hostile towards their slick clientele – stirred the cocktail with a rusty nail. Either way, the evocative name stuck.

Even TV’s shonky-but-sweet lawyer Saul Goodman (from Better Call Saul) is a fan of the classic cocktail, which kind of fits neatly with the drink’s legend. Hey, if Saul likes it, it’s all good, man.

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Article by Sharon Doyle

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