Jeans for Genes Day: Denim Edit

Jeans for Genes Day: Denim Edit

Timeless textures raising awareness for sick kids

By Caitlyn Spanner | 28th July 2016

Denim is a timeless textile beloved by trendsetters as well as tradies so it makes for a perfectly universal item to raise awareness for charity. And while Jeans for Genes Day is a cause that you’ve probably been throwing your gold coins towards since you were in primary school, you could be excused for forgetting what it’s actually supporting!

Your donation on August 5 will go towards the Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI). CMRI conducts fundamental genetic research to understand the genes important for health and development, and the underlying causes of diseases in newborns suffering from birth defects, cancer and epilepsy.

For many of us, Jeans for Genes Day is the perfect excuse to don some denim; but for the one in 20 children born in Australian with some kind of genetic disease or congenital abnormality, it’s absolutely essential. Click here to make a donation on the day.

To ensure you’re on-trend while you raise awareness for sick kids, we’ve taken the liberty of throwing together the latest denim trends available now:

Mum and Dad Jeans

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking sneans here; it’s all about the retro styles of jeans that your parents may have rocked while you were growing up. Think high-waisted, baggy cuts that - let’s be honest - aren’t the most flattering styles. But boy will you look hipster!

Jeans for Genes Day: Denim Edit, denim, Jeans for Genes Day, charity, fashion edit

’90s Styles

If you’re an ’80s or ’90s kid, this trend is going to bring back a heap of school-day nostalgia. Patches, shearling and overalls are a must! The old denim skirt is back in fashion now too, but this time in pencil cuts with rips and tears.

Jeans for Genes Day: Denim Edit, denim, Jeans for Genes Day, charity, fashion edit

Classic Cuts

Everyone has that perfect pair of jeans that make their butt look Kardashian-esque. We’re talking skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, boot cuts, flares (definitely back in fashion, btw) and cut-off shorts.

Jeans for Genes Day: Denim Edit, denim, Jeans for Genes Day, charity, fashion edit

Quirky denim

For the more adventurous denim-lovers, look for culottes, rips, frays, and multi-coloured patches. Don’t be afraid to rock the double denim and dress it up or down. Basically every variation is on the cards here so have some fun with it!

Jeans for Genes Day: Denim Edit, denim, Jeans for Genes Day, charity, fashion edit

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