Editor Christie Sutherland chats to Australian supermodel and Westfield Beauty and Wellness ambassador Robyn Lawley about being on the front line of fashion, beauty and wellness.

By Christie Sutherland | 27th October 2016

How do you manage to stay in shape with such a demanding lifestyle?

I’m a big believer in doing what you can when you can and not stressing about it every single day. When I can, I do yoga and kickboxing. I try and do things that are really fun and interesting but I don’t always get to do it every single day and I don’t beat myself up about it.

What are your favourite pre- and post-workout snacks?

Bananas and avocados are really my favourite! I’m a big believer in real food in its natural state – I think it tastes better and it is better for you.

What’s your favourite summer smoothie suggestion?

I have kale in my garden so I make this kale and banana smoothie. You just freeze the bananas prior so it tastes like a banana ice-cream smoothie and it’s a great treat.

What are some foods you feed your daughter?

I give her really simple and diverse food – she literally eats anything I eat (she even eats sushi!) and because of that, her palate is really diverse and she’s open to everything.

As a model and a mum, can you share some of your best-kept secrets with us - any tips for getting that natural glow?

I think coconut oil is a great way to achieve the glow and obviously staying out of the sun is important.
If you want to tan, you can fake it but I think keeping your skin out of the sun is important. Unfortunately, I can’t be in the sun too much and with my job, I’m in the sun all the time so I often have to put lots of sunscreen on. I love rose cream; it’s really hydrating so I put it on my skin all the time. I keep it quite simple and nourishing.

We know that you love DIY beauty products; do you research before creating those recipes or just see what your body reacts to?

I’ve tested it over time but what works for me is shea butter and coconut oil. I melt them together and I freeze them, put fresh lavender in them and make a body balm. I started using it when I was pregnant because everything that goes into your skin goes into the baby and it was amazing. It smells good and shea butter is great for staying on your skin. It’s super hydrating!

What would you say are your go-to beauty products?

I definitely love Nars Chubby lip liners and MAC has a really good Spice lip liner – it’s what all the classic supermodels use on their lips. I love Lash Star by Tracy Murphy; it’s a great mascara that I think is coming to Australia soon. I just try and keep it really simple day-to-day and let my skin breathe.

What advice can you share with women who may struggle with obtaining a positive body image?

I definitely feel for women out here. It’s a hard world and I can get consumed with social media. Sometimes you need to take a step back and have a breather. You need to go outside, you need to go into nature and realise it’s not everything. You just have to be yourself. Don’t do diets – they never work, they never will. Once you find your natural set weight by eating natural, good-quality food that makes you feel good, you’re going to feel good about yourself and you won’t crave sugary foods.

How do you dress for your body shape?

Dress for your size. I have fun with fashion. I go crazy all the time and sometimes I’ll dress really glam; other times I’ll dress like a boy. Just have fun with it because fashion allows you to express yourself and it’s a great way of accentuating your curves. I think you should be loud and proud. [Fashion] really lets you show who you are.

What does it mean for you to be the Beauty and Wellness ambassador for Westfield?

It’s a huge honour, and as a 14 to 16 size model, it’s never been done before, so it’s amazing to really see and witness the change and finally it’s happening. When I started as a model 10 years ago, designers weren’t using models who were my size; the change is remarkable. I’m really honoured and really grateful.

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Article by Christie Sutherland

Christie Sutherland is a former editor of Style Magazines. To her, limits are there to be pushed and there is always a time for polka dots and a piccolo. Do it with love or not at all, that’s all.


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