Just wing it!

Just wing it!

Winged eyeliner how do I wear thee? Let me count the ways…

By Guest Styler | 7th May 2015

By Tae Grainger

It’s taken me an arduous twelve months and several hundred cotton buds and hours in front of the mirror but I’ve finally joined the club populated by stylish lasses like Lauren Conrad and Alexa Chung. That would be the “can-apply-winged-eyeliner-without-poking-my-eye-out” club. Now that I’m ridin’ without my training wheels, I’ve been hard at play! If you thought winged liner was just for your next retro fancy dress party, think again. Here are three nifty little ways to mix up liner wings if you dare...

Graphic Gal

This is just a bolder, thicker version of your run-of-the-mill winged liner. I use two liquid liners for this technique because I am nowhere near dexterous enough to do it in one fluid motion. If you are IGNORE THE NEXT BIT BECAUSE YOU ARE SUPERHUMAN. For the rest of you, read on. I begin with drawing the flick using the point of my Stila Liquid Liner and instead of flicking up I flick out. This creates a more almond-shaped, catlike eye. I then line my upper eyeline, being sure to stick as close as possible to the lashes and minimizing any skin gap between my lashes and eyelid. I find it easier to use the side of the pen tip for this; using the tip is too tricky and tends to leave a gappy look, which makes it harder to smooth out.  Now it’s time to connect the two lines! Starting at the very outside point of the flick, I draw a thin line down towards my lined eye with my ultra fine-tip Blinc eyeliner, creating a right-angled triangle of sorts. I then fill in the triangle with the Stila liner (it’s more highly pigmented) and smooth out any jagged lines.

graphic gal

Real Wing Shady

I don’t use any eyeliner or liquid liner pens as such for this particular look – just an angled liner brush and some charcoal eyeshadow. This one is wayyyyy simpler than the one above. Just dip the liner brush in the shadow and tap the brush to remove any excess product. Line up the brush with the angle of the lower waterline and press the brush into the skin, leaving a subtly smoked-out wing. I then top up the product on the brush and go over the rest of my upper lash line.


The Cruella

This isn’t for the faint-hearted! Inspired by this tutorial off LC’s The Beauty Department (hyperlink), I traipsed off to Mecca and got myself some white liquid liner.  Unfortunately the effect left me looking more zombie than chic  (I am SUPER pale) so in order to “ground” the look I added black liquid liner and LOVED the effect. I started with the white liner and added the black closest to the lash lines, creating an effect reminiscent of that famous Disney cartoon villainess. I used Stila liners for both of these but for a more subtly grounded look and thinner black line, would recommend the Blinc ultra-fine pen.


For all of these looks, just add a couple of coats of my favourite mascara and you’re good to go! Have fun; spread your wings (pun definitely intended) and line!

Image source: Breakfast with Audrey, Tae Grainger


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Article by Guest Styler

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