Style Challenge: 7 Days of Pinterest-Worthy Hair

Style Challenge: 7 Days of Pinterest-Worthy Hair

Caitlyn takes on four new styles in the final instalment of the Style Challenge: 7 Days of Pinterest-Worthy hair.

By Caitlyn Spanner | 27th July 2015

With the first three days of my Style Challenge: 7 Days of Pinterest-Worthy Hair already up I decide to take on the last few days with some new found confidence and a game plan...

Day 4: Hair Wrap

Hair Challenge

Wrapping it up!

I'm inspired by an image on Pinterest of Alexa Chung being cool as only Alexa Chung could, and I realise I have a silk scarf of a very similar colour!

I tie my hair in a high ponytail and wrap the scarf around my head with a twist in the front.

I come up with this incredible idea to curl a few strands of the ponytail with my trusty, budget straightener. I’m learning new tricks already!

I step back to admire my hair with a proud smirk, only to realise I look like I work at Grill’d…

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with working at the tastiest burger shop around, but it wasn’t really the look I was going for.

Unfortunately this is the only silk scarf I have, so I decide to rock the Grill’d-chic style.

I go to work and get a lot of compliments and get told I look like I should be heading to Splendour in the Grass on the weekend (I wish!), and only one person points out that I look like I work at Grill’d, so I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

Success rating: 3.5 out of 5


Day 5: Hair Chalk

Hair Challenge

Getting Carried away with this Style

Hair Challenge

Pinterest Inspo'

This is a style that is all over Pinterest and is mastered by the likes of Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry (not really the celebs I aspire to look like, but I'm pretty open to trying new things).

My dear friends over at Fudge hear about my challenge and provide me with a selection of hair chalk. I go with the Electrik Blue colour, and although I initially feel like I’m barracking for the rival house at my high school sports carnival, I secretly feel saaah trendy!

I love this look and get inspired to whip out the red lippy and some eyeliner to finish off the look. Seriously, I’m a new woman!

I get heaps of reactions and comments about this hairstyle:
"You look like a Smurf"
"There’s blue stuff on your forehead"
"It’s a bit witchy, but I like it!"
And my favourite from sub editor, Helen, who after doing a double take says to me:
"What have you done?!

Hair chalk is so fun but pretty messy so I recommend a really strong hairspray to keep it in place!

Success rating: 5 out of 5!


Day 6: Slicked Back

Hair Challenge

My Best Kimmy K Impression

It’s Saturday night and I feel like this is a great excuse to try something a bit different. I get a suggestion to try the slicked back wet look. My inspo’ is Kim Kardashian (I promise I don’t have an obsession with the Kardashians).

I also follow a tutorial on Youtube and the girl suggests I tease my hair - A LOT. Because apparently:
You always have to tease more than you think - I’m learning so many life lessons from this challenge!

After I’ve slicked it back I spray it with A LOT of hair spray. It’s not looking too bad. I match my outfit to complement the Kimmy-K style.

The only issue is that I have horrible lighting in my house, so by the time I’ve taken a decent photo I’ve lost a lot of the height (and had a few wines).

This is actually a really simple style and a great way to get a trendy look without too much effort.

Success rating: 3 out of 5 (probably would have been better without those ‘couple’ of wines)


Day 7: Hair Crown

Hair Challenge

Otherworldly Hair Pieces from Molten Store

The always-effervescent Jessy from Molten Store offers a few of her stunning hair crowns, including a hair piece from the latest bridal collection, to try out for the last day of my challenge.

I’ve been so excited to try this style as I love anything with a bohemian element. I’ve never been very good at curling my hair but I manage to create a half decent wave and try out each of the crowns.

Each of the pieces are beautiful in their own right and would make a statement for any occasion. I feel like a mix between a Game of Thrones character, some sort of mystical woodland creature and a modern-day hippie - the perfect combo if you ask me!

Success Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (I still need develop my curling skills)


All-in-all this challenge has been a lot of fun, and not as challenging as I first thought. I’ve learnt that you can pretty much do anything if you have the right tools and some patience. I think in the past patience has been my downfall when styling my hair, but now I have some newfound skills I’m sure I’ll be putting a lot more effort into my hairstyles in the future… Starting Monday... Maybe.


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