Makeup Trends You Need To Try Based On Your November Horoscope

Makeup Trends You Need To Try Based On Your November Horoscope

By Siobhan Taylor | 9th November 2017

I’m the kind of individual who will consult my horoscope for almost anything (How will mercury retrograde affect me? Where should I go on my next holiday? What dog matches my personality?). Seriously, you’ll often find me at my desk cruising the internet in search of what the stars have in store for me. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that when I started considering how I would refresh my beauty routine (something I rarely do), that I would check in with my horoscope for a well of inspiration. If your beauty-look needs a shakeup, our November horoscope includes everything you need to know, including product suggestions and trend forecasts, tailored to your personal horoscope. Scroll on to discover yours!


If anyone is going to throw the rulebook out the window, it’s you, Scorpio. Bold and adventurous, both in your life and in your makeup, you’re one who likes to push the envelope of what is considered traditional beauty and are continually exploring new trends and techniques. This month, play up your eyes and experiment with bold, thick eyeliner in bright shades of cobalt blue, watermelon pink, and sea foam green. Apply the gel liner across your eyelid as you normally would, keeping the tail as neat or smudged as you desire. The Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner in Chaos will give you the bright colour you need to own this look.

You are a free spirit who, despite the attempts of others, cannot be tamed. Many have tried, yet none have succeeded. You are carefree, live for the moment, and wouldn’t think twice about whether or not your eyeliner is perfect. With your heart and mind focused on new experiences and exploring the world around you, you prefer to roll out of bed and hit the road with minimal time in front of the mirror. For a morning routine that is effortless and maintenance-minimal, amp your skincare routine up to new heights with the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil. Awake with clearer and brighter skin each morning, and swipe on a layer of Mecca Max Game Face BB Cream SPF 30 for a glowing, second-skin finish.

Capricorn’s are bold and daring, in both personality and style. Whether they are dominating the karaoke stage with a plucky performance of Sheryl Crow or rocking a risky beauty trend with reckless abandon, they aren’t afraid to try new things and standout. If you haven’t attempted a dark lip, now is the time to dive into the dark side. Whether it’s a deep plum or a dark mossy green, opt for a creamy-rich formula that glides on evenly and doesn’t bleed into your skin – NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment is a cult favourite. To keep the look wearable and not-overly dramatic, line your waterline with an eyeliner pencil in white or cream. The brightness will open your peepers and balance the bold lip for an easy-to-wear but still vampy and sexy daytime look.



Tarte Lippie Lingerie Matte Tint in Envy, $34; RMS Beauty Swift Shadow in Garden Rose, $28; Hourglass Ambient® Strobe Lighting Blush in Iridescent Flash, $55

A daydreamer who lives in her fantasies, your head is often hidden in the clouds, Aquarius. This imaginative quality gives you a dreamy aura. Lean into this otherworldly side of your personality this month and adopt a rosy glow that appears to radiate from within. Achieve a natural glow with the subtle magenta flush of Hourglass’ Ambient Powder. Apply a dreamy, slightly iridescent glow to your eyelids for bright eyes, as well as a thin swipe of colour across your lips for a just-kissed pout. Dreamy, subtle, and ethereal, this look is very Aquarius.


There’s nothing a Pisces loves more than taking pleasure in the finer things, whether it’s silky and luxurious pyjamas or a pampering day at the spa. Dedicated to “the good life”, a Pisces takes great care to surround themselves with all things beautiful, and that includes their skin. Your skincare routine is airtight (no one has a better understanding of the 12-step Korean skincare routine than you!), so this month you should challenge yourself to strip your makeup down to the bare minimum. I’m talking about a touch of Becca’s Rosé Spritz across the cheeks, a swipe of Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto across the lips, and a luxurious base of Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream. You’ll be looking peachy fresh and gloriously luminous all month long.



Jinsoon Nail Lacquer in Dolly Pink, $26; MAC Cosmetics Tinted Lipglass in Dreamy, $35; The Balm Read My Lips Lip Gloss in Va Va Vroom!, $34; RMS Beauty 6-Free Formula Nail Polish in Beloved, $22

Aries are known for being super organised, put together, and in control. They are at their best when managing teams, orchestrating big projects, and hosting dinner parties. Whenever someone needs advice or guidance, it’s usually an Aries they turn to. This is because, while being incredible managers and coordinators, Aries’ are also incredibly gifted people-persons. Nurturing a friend through an emotional-crisis is as easy as planning a conference, and celebrating a friend’s successes as rewarding as completing a challenging task. Bring these two facets of your personality together this month and try something that’s both creative and tidy: matching lipstick and manicures! While it might seem simple, perfectly matching shades is a subtle way to add an extra bolt of energy to your look while nurturing both aspects of your personality.


Easily one of the hardest working of the star signs, Taurus’ are well known for their dedicated work ethic and soaring ambitions. You’re a gun in the office, but when it comes to 5 o’clock on Friday, you know how to tune out and wind down – usually with a drink in hand. A beach babe with a penchant for mango margaritas, soaring summer temps, and long afternoons in the surf, you’ve turned relaxing into an art form. This month let your weekend-warrior takeover and opt for a look that channels Saturday’s at the beach. Ditch the eyeliner and perfect contour, and bronze up with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder and gorgeously glowing Laguna Bronzer by NARS. If you’re thinking of sneaking out of the office to chase the sunshine, arm your skin with SPF 50+ to keep your skin healthy and radiating. Here’s to the weekend!



Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Extragalactic, Zodiac, Ether, $34

At times quirky and kooky, and other times subtle and reserved, Gemini’s (the sign represented by twins) can be difficult to keep up with. While others might think that you’re moving at a million miles an hour and constantly changing your mind, it’s really just a reflection of your need to be constantly finding something new to excite and delight you. As someone who becomes easily bored, this month you need a look that will change every time you attempt it and that will excite you every time you see your reflection. Enter: this next-level take on a smoky eye. Bold enough to turn heads but simple enough that you won’t need to waste time each morning perfecting it, this eye look works with whatever shade best compliments your eyes and is easy to master and change-up each morning.



Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipstick in C207 Creamy Fuschia Pink, $36; In Your Dreams Chunky Glitter in Purple Unicorn, $10; Kevyn Aucoin The Neo-Limelight Ibiza, $84

If Cancers could be summed up in one word, it would be confident. They aren’t ones to be knocked down by bouts of self-consciousness, and they are always open to adopting even the most radical and daring beauty trends. Their bold self-assuredness, combined with a relaxed and laidback attitude, gives them an air of effortless chicness that is impossible to replicate (even though other star signs always try). Explore new territory this month by experimenting with colours and finishes that may as of yet be unchartered for you. Whether it’s a bright fuschia lip, holographic eye shadow, or glittered eyebrows, no one can pull it off quite like you.


The thing about lions is that they don’t ask to be the centre of attention, they just are. As it is with Leos, who’s quiet grace, strong presence, and fearless nature make them natural born leaders to whom people that surround them naturally gravitate. They are the backbone of their friendship groups as well as the default leader in group-projects, as their peaceful and generous characters make them one-of-a-kind friends and incredible managers. While they don’t necessarily choose to be the focal point, when they feel secure and supported they can easily thrive in these roles. Lean into this bold side of your personality this month and make a subtle, edgy change to your look. Graphic eyeliner, while intimidating to attempt, can dramatically change your look and have you feeling more confident and powerful.


Baby, we’re the new romantics, and Virgos are the most romantic of us all. Naturally charming and flirtatious, you are comfortable in your skin and interacting with others. Your effortlessly charming nature makes you a favourite in any social circle, meaning it should come as no surprise that you often find yourself receiving romantic attention from strangers and acquaintances alike. Usually favouring stripped back looks that highlight your natural beauty, this month you should play up your coquettish nature with dreamy shades of pink such as rose, peach, tulle and blush. With a glossy sheen of candyfloss-pink lip-gloss and a soft pink flush, you’ll be the apple of everyone’s eye.



Kat Von D Beauty Studded Kiss Lipstick in Tijuana, $31; MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Brave Red (Cremesheen), $36; Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black, $31

There’s a natural magnetism to you, Libra, which draws people into your atmosphere. Whether it’s your natural sex appeal or mysterious and enigmatic personality, you turn heads wherever you go. In saying this, you don’t choose to be the centre of attention – you’re much more comfortable waiting in the wings of the stage and letting others enjoy the spotlight. It’s because of this that you don’t really like to take risks with your style, and instead prefer to stick to classic looks that you know will complement your natural, understated beauty. This month, try to play up the classic red lip with an element of surprise, by opting for a different shade than you usually would - plum and coral tones are the perfect way to refresh a red lip. Add winged eyeliner and a subtle bronzed flush for a head turning-classic look that still looks fresh.

Feature images: Courtesy of Siddhartha / @siddharthasimone, via Vogue
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