Three Ways To Save Time With Your Morning Beauty Routine

Three Ways To Save Time With Your Morning Beauty Routine

Because we obviously want to sleep in longer.

By Guest Styler | 7th August 2018

Looking your best daily is getting harder and more time consuming. If there is one person who understands today’s beauty demands it’s Leona Gallagher from Simply Laser.

Having come from a corporate background herself, she recalls the pressure to look and feel her best at all times and knew that launching a concept like Simply Laser is exactly what Brisbane needed.

“We want to save people time, both in clinic and at home by helping them achieve natural beauty,” she says. “Many people don’t have the time for endless products and treatments and we just need to simplify life in general, beauty included!”

When it comes to our beauty routine we want it to be as simple and straightforward as possible. The less time we can spend in the bathroom with standard beauty maintenance, the longer we can spend sleeping in! Plus, winter is the best time to reassess our beauty routine to see where we can cut back time and streamline our process.

In an effort to get out the door quicker in the mornings, we asked Leona for her top three tips for saving time during our morning beauty routine.


A well-defined brow really makes an impact. When done correctly, they accentuate your facial features and showcase your natural beauty. “At Simply Laser, we use both micro-blading and HD brows in clinic and take the time to sculpt a personalised shape that suits their lifestyle and personality,” says Leona. If you want to completely cut out daily brow maintenance, we recommend you go with micro-blading! As a semi-permanent makeup procedure, it allows you to enjoy flawlessly natural looks every single day.


It is every girls dream to look flawless with minimal make-up and it all starts with knowing your skin, what it needs and maintaining its health. Dermapen is a true skin saviour if you’re looking for long term and effective results as it helps to reduce acne scars, minimise fine lines and promote collagen production. The result is healthier, smoother and plumper skin!

Semi-Permanent Treatments

Don’t be afraid of cosmetic tattooing and laser hair removal! They will save you hours a month with no shaving, waxing, eyebrow filling or applying eyeliner. Laser hair removal is particularly popular as it results in significantly reduced hair growth with minimal maintenance.

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