Stop Dry & Dehydrated Skin With Our In-Flight Skincare Routine

Stop Dry & Dehydrated Skin With Our In-Flight Skincare Routine

Destination: Hawaii

By Gracie Clough | 9th April 2019

Most of us are familiar with the feeling of having what seems like, every drop of moisture sucked out of us on a flight. The air on a flight is drier than the Atacama Desert, leaving us not only feeling fatigued, but also just about as dry as a raisin. Sometimes, drinking water alone just isn’t enough – which is why you need to pull out the big guns to stop the battle against dry and dehydrated skin. If you didn’t already know, we’re giving away two tickets to paradise (move over Eddie Money) so this beauty guide might just come in handy. To stay plump, hydrated and juicy on your next long-haul flight, which could be Hawaii, say aloha to your step-by-step in-flight skincare routine!

Step. 1 Hand Sanitiser

Planes are loaded with germs, and trust us when we say you don’t want to be spreading bacteria on your face with grimy mitts. Using a hand sanistiser that is loaded with vitamins and hydrating ingredients will palm off the unwanted germs while providing your skin with nourishment.

We love: Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Organic Hand Sanitiser


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Step. 2 Micellar Water

The first order of skincare business is thoroughly cleansing your skin. If you don’t want to faff around in the teeny bathroom cubicle with water and cleanser dripping down your arms, using micellar water is a great option. Micellar waters are quick, pretty effective and often contain hydrating properties. Even if you stepped on the plane fresh faced, giving your skin a wipe over to remove any dirt and pollution is important and a way to feeling instantly refreshed.

We love: Mecca Cosmetica Clean Slate Micellar Water


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Step. 3 Face Mist

Once your skin is clean, it’s time to spritz on some hydration to get your skin prepped for the rest of your products. Using a mist every hour throughout your flight will keep your skin’s hydration levels topped up.

We love: Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator


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Step. 4 Sheet Mask

Now it’s time for the fun part! As any skincare obsessed Korean would say, sheet masks are key to a well-hydrated, juicy complexion. While you may warrant strange looks from surrounding passengers, sheet masks will deliver moisture to the deeper layers of your skin. If you want to take things a step further, pop on some eye masks while you’re at it to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Be sure to keep your sheet mask on only for the recommended amount as stated on the product’s packet. You might think you’re doing yourself a favour by keeping it on for longer, but the mask will end up sucking the moisture back out of your skin. True story.

We love: Go-To Skincare Transformazing Sheet Masks & James Cosmetics 24k Gold and Collagen Crystal Eye Masks


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Step 5. Leave On Mask

After you’ve removed your sheet mask and people have stopped screaming in terror, lock in all of that hydration with either a leave on mask or rich, emollient moisturiser. Leave on masks work in a similar way to a moisturiser, but were originally created to give your skin a quick boost of moisture in a short amount of time.

We love: Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, Dr. Barbara Sturm Deep Hydrating Face Mask & Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Face Cream


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Step. 6 Lip Balm

As your skin is left to soak in all the goodness, pucker up and slather on a decadent balm. While petroleum-based lip products provide a protective barrier against the wind and cold weather, they won’t do you any favours in terms of hydration. Do you own lip balms that seem to make your lips drier, leading you to continuously reapply them? Check out the ingredients list, because there is a good chance it might contain petroleum! Instead, look for products with ingredients that will actually do something for you like Shea butter, vitamin E, olive oil and lanolin – just to name a few.

We love: Kora Organics Noni Lip Treatment & Frank Body Lip Balm


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Step 7. Hand Cream

Don’t just stop at your face! Make sure your hands also receive some lovin’ on your flight. Look for formulas loaded with vitamins to repair and nourish your hands sans that icky greasy feeling. You want to be able to play Candy Crush without your phone slipping out of your hands after all.

We love: Lanolips Rose Hand Cream Intense & Le Labo Hand Pomade


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Step 8. Eye Drops

Eyes copping the brunt of the dry air too? It’s always a good idea to keep some protective eye drops on you during a flight so you can watch all the in-flight movies without any unpleasant feelings. These can just be purchased over the counter at any chemist.

Step 9. Eye Mask

When you’re ready to get some shut-eye, pop on a silk eye mask to cut out any external light and aggressors. Before you ask, ‘why do I need a silk eye mask?’ let us explain. Cotton is a moisture-sucking thief that you want to stay away from if you’re trying to keep your skin as hydrated as possible. Silk ensures that all your products are absorbed into your skin and let’s be real; it feels so much nicer on your face!

We love: Slip Silk Sleep Masks


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Article by Gracie Clough

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