Best Self-Tanners

Best Self-Tanners

We review the best of the best at-home self-tanners, just in time for another hot Queensland summer.

By Jane Schon | 13th November 2014

Summer is well and truly on our doorstep, and we couldn’t be more excited! We can already feel the first steamy beach days on their way – our hottest November day on record hitting this weekend – but before we reach the sands, it’s time to build a solid base tan.

With all the natural-looking tans on the market these days, self-tanning is definitely the way to go. And let's face it, it’s much better for our health. So you don’t risk it and turn out like a stretched out oompa loompa, here are our favourite self-tanners guaranteed to give you a bronzed glow worthy of Australian coasts.

St Tropez

This has been a long time favourite of ours, but as it's at the higher end of the at-home tans (priced at $65.95 for the 240ml lotion, and $59.95 for the 240ml mousse) it’s reserved for treats or when we have a little extra cash in the bank. All the products are super lightweight, easy to apply, and dry in about 60 seconds so you can get dressed and go (although we’d recommend wearing it overnight and washing it off in the morning). The St Tropez lotion is our favourite – the original, salon-inspired formula. It provides a rich, deep, bronze colour, never looks streaky - provided you’re thorough when applying - and can last for up to a week.


St Tropez Best self-tanners | Style Magazines

Mine Tan

At just $29.95, the express tan by Mine Tan is the first violet-based tan available for at-home users. It replicates an exotic, European beach-side tan and you can wash it off after one hour – but the longer you leave it on the darker it will get. Once developed, you can show off a rich, deep-brown colour, and with the violet base you can guarantee no orangey tones. It also contains moisturising multi-vitamins (A, C and E) and doesn’t give off the typical fake tan scent.

Palmer’s Natural Bronze

Perfect for first-time fake-tanners or those who desire a light golden glow, the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter gradual tanner is a great option. Ideal for a pre-beach-weekend tan, the creamy, cocoa moisturiser is also infused with Vitamin E so it nourishes the skin as it adds a natural tan. It can be used everyday, it smells delicious and it’s an absolute bargain at $9.40!

Loving Tan

Brisbane-based company, Loving Tan’s professional strength tanner is free from Parabens and alcohol, and the strong formula means one coat and you’re done! The mousse provides a nice golden tan, it’s easy to apply, and it dries quickly - we recommend applying with the mitt to create an even coverage. From $29.99, Loving Tan has become a favourite among beauty bloggers nationally. Plus it's always nice to support the local gals!


The JBronze Dark Tanning Cream is a non-greasy, lightweight, hydrating cream, with an almost silky feel that is easy to apply and doesn’t dry out your skin. It’s also rich with antioxidants, containing shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil and cranberry extracts - and is priced at only $29.95.

Best self-tanners | Style Magazines


Bondi Sands

Perfect for darker skin tones or for those looking for the Brazilian babe look - seriously if you were planning a holiday to the Caribbean we’d recommend applying this before you go. It provides flawless cover and is enriched with aloe vera, leaving your skin silky smooth. At $19.95, Bondi Sand's self-tanner is certainly a sustainable, regular purchase.

Waiting to Trial: The Base by Lara Bingle

Love or hate her, there’s no denying Lara has style, so we can’t wait to trial her new bronzing and tanning collection The Base. All Aussie made, the range will consist of eight products priced between $12 and $39, and will be exclusively available online – stay tuned for our take on the soon-to-be-released range.

The Base by Lara Bingle Best self-tanners | Style Magazines


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Article by Jane Schon

Jane is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She is addicted to theatre, travelling to far off places and developing her personal style (AKA shopping). Jane adores good food (and even better coffee) and is a self-confessed sleep enthusiast.


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