5 Makeup mistakes making you sick

5 Makeup mistakes making you sick

Is it time to take a long hard look in the mirror and revaluate your makeup routine?

By Eveline Fielding and Candice Jackson | 7th August 2015

Why should the saying ‘beauty is pain’, or ‘we suffer for beauty’ be a reflection of our relationship with makeup? If you want a healthy and pain free relationship with your cosmetics bag, we’ve got 5 makeup mistakes that are possibly making you sick, that you should fix ASAP.

We’re all guilty of a few on this list (if not ALL FIVE), but perhaps it will serve as the eye-opener we need to take better care of our faces and put some new habits in place.

1.    Sharing Eyeliner, and any other product

We’ve all been there; a trusted friend lets you use her cool new eyeliner– it’s all good! Well actually, it’s all goo…in your eye…from an infection…that you got from the eyeliner - #realtalk. Products you use regularly are rife with oils and bacteria from your skin, meaning if you’re a carer and sharer, you and your friends are risking some serious eye infection. Ever wonder why make-up artists use disposable applicators and sponges when demonstrating products? Therefore, we say embrace a bit of selfishness. Plus, there’s nothing like the threat of pink eye to finally stop your flatmate from stealing your makeup!

2.    Re-using sponges or brushes ‘til they fall apart

As the proverb goes, makeup is only as good as its applicator, which is why so many of us get so attached to the expensive sponges and brushes we bought because they were meant to be aerodynamic or something. But, as another proverb goes, if you love your healthy skin, let the brushes and sponges go. These guys are also guilty on the bacteria front, and, if they’re past their prime, can harm your skin in a number of ways, including irritation, breakouts, terrible coverage, and our old friend pink eye!

3.    Not cleaning the canvas before you begin

We’ve all had that moment of getting home from a long day or even a big night out and just not having the willpower to clean our tired little faces. STAY STRONG. CLEAN YOUR SKIN AND EYELASHES. Sorry for the capitals, but that’s just how important this tip is. Smeared eyeliner and splotchy coverage is the least of your worries if you leave your makeup on – other dangers are clogged pores, dry skin, dried-out, damaged lashes, dry lips, and the list goes on and on. Oh the horror. Washing and cleansing your face twice, once for the makeup, oil and dirt, and once just for your skin’s sake, is the best way to go for healthy skin.

4.    Avoiding expiry dates

Maybe you didn’t know, or you wanted to get that extra bang for your buck, but just like yoghurt in the fridge, makeup products have a shelf life, and once that’s expired it can get nasty. The general rules for makeup expiry are 2 to 3 months for mascara and liquid eye products, and about a year for liquid foundation and lipstick. These aren’t always reliable, so it’s good to be careful and replace your products on time so that you always have working, effective makeup and clean, healthy skin.

5.    Licking you lips and ingesting your lipstick

There’s an urban myth out there that says the average woman ingests four to nine pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. Yuck. Maybe you accidentally taste some while you’re applying, or maybe it’s just yummy, but depending on the products you use, ingesting lipstick or lip-gloss regularly can mean ingesting a harmful amount of chemicals such as lead, chromium, aluminium and many others. Maybe she’s born with it; maybe it’s a bad chemical reaction.

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Article by Eveline Fielding and Candice Jackson

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style